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Lucis Wireless Lamp

“A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis anywhere and set the mood with 8 to 80 Hours of continuous lighting.”

Light is essential in our lives. Light determines our rhythm, the atmosphere around us and even the way we feel. At Lucis, we believe you should be in control of just that. The Lucis design lamp enables you to play with light. Inside or outside; you determine the atmosphere. With the wireless and high quality LED lamp you possess all the colors of the rainbow and you can play with them at will. With up to 80 hours of lighting time you can take the lamp to your garden, the park or even the beach. Get in a romantic mood at home or recreate a Northern Light-like surrounding. Play with Lucis and Lucis will give color to tomorrow’s memories.

Lucis hosts more than 16 million colors
With Lucis we strive to give you the best experience with light possible. The high quality LED lights host over 16 millions different colors. The beautiful designed Plexiglas housing takes the light to another level en fills your space with any color you want easily.

A wireless lamp for just about everywhere
We believe you should be able to determine the atmosphere; whenever and wherever. With only 4 hours of charging, Lucis has 8 to 80 hours of continuous lighting. Already imagine yourself on a warm summer night at the beach? The opportunities are endless, only the sun is the limit.

Smart and flawless design
The beauty and quality of Lucis does not only come from the inside. We equally spent thought and care on the outside. We wanted to design a lamp with a flush design, without external buttons. The touch and shake sensors work easily and literally give Lucis the finishing touch.

Lucis is powered by 250 lumen (similar to a 25watt lamp), adjustable to over 16 million different colors, and measures a perfect 4.3” x 4.3” x 4.3”. The lamp is also splash-proof, making it the perfect choice for summer nights by the pool or on the lake.

The Lucis Light starts at $69 on Indiegogo with premium models and tripod stands available at an additional cost.

Director Lardy van der Pal

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“Most lamps on the market lack the portability and power of Lucis. We wanted to design a product that can seamlessly be taken camping, to the beach, or even the backyard for reading. With the 250 lumen dimmable output Lucis is the most powerful full color portable Lamp on the market.”

Designer Simon Koop

We are Shipping Lucis Wireless lamp from Amsterdam!

Ordering Lucis is easy, visit our Indiegogo page to view the details and how to order yours.

Lucis Portable Lighting

Lucis, the revolutionary new portable, lifestyle LED Mood Lamp is live on IndieGogo having already raised over 100% of their fundraising goal within 5 days of launching.

Lucis has pioneered a new category in lighting: portable lifestyle lamps. Boasting over 80 hours of battery life on a single 4 hour charge, the innovative cube design has been engineered for the ultimate in portability so anyone can set the mood wherever life takes them.

“My vision of a perfect lamp is a balance between material, design, lumen output, it needs to be wireless— and that’s Lucis,” said Simon Koop, co-founder and designer, who was previously a designer of Spyker Sports Cars for over a decade.

Lucis was designed around the importance that light plays in people’s lives; determining everything from rhythm, atmosphere, and mood. The founders of Lucis believe that people should gain more control over the power of light.

At its core, Lucis is truly the world’s first social lamp. It was designed from the ground up to be shared and played with. The touch sensors allow users to easily adjust the brightness or color, and from lava, candle, or torch mode. To further highlight the playfulness of Lucis, the lamp can simply be shaken to switch on and off.

The Lucis Lifestyle LED Lamp is now live and available for purchase on Indiegogo.