44 Internet Of Things (IoT) Gamechangers 2016

By February 8, 2016 Lucis No Comments

Want to use lighting to create the perfect mood for that date night, or work, or play?

Lucis programmable lighting using 16 million colours could be the LED solution of a lamp you need. The lamp is portable so you can set the mood wherever you go. All you need to do is touch it to switch from one colour to any other colour you feel best suits your current location, fancy or situation.

What’s more is that the lamp carries no cords, or ports, or apps. No wires or mobile apps are attached. Moreover, it is splash-proof, is dimmable, utilises USB charging and can last a cool 80 hours on a single charge. Lucis wireless lighting is currently unavailable for purchase, but the ongoing Indiegogo funds drive is in high gear to ensure the technology comes your way from 2016.

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