Comparing the best Wireless Mood lamps 2017

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Comparing the best Wireless Mood lamps in the market without

What the Best portable mood lights of 2017?
Below you see the overview of the very best portable mood lights in the market that does not need a telephone or tablet to work well.

You’ve got the power!
So much power in the palm of your hand! The cordless Lucis lamp is far from huge but it’s the most powerful portable lamp in the world! The stunning 450 lumen full color lamp is a beast when it comes to the power of light. Combined with all the colors of the rainbow, Lucis shines bright and cheerful!

Krachtig, machtig, prachtig
Zoveel licht past er in je hand! De draadloze Lucis lamp is zeker niet groot maar wel mooi de krachtigste draagbare lamp in de wereld! De verbluffende 450 Lumen full colour lamp is zo machtig en krachtig. Dat gecombineerd met alle kleuren van de regenboog zorgt ervoor dat Lucis schijnt als geen ander!

Comparing Lucis Portable LED lamp with the Fatboy Edison lamp
Comparing the best Wireless Mood lamps 2017
Specifications Lucis Lite
Lucis Premium
Lucis Bamboo
Fatboy Edison lamp
Max Lumen output 250 Lumen 250 Lumen 450 Lumen 81 Lumen
Max Burning time (one charge) 40 hours 80 hours 100 hours 8 hours
Charging time 3 hours 4,5 hours 8 hours 3 hours
Bright/dim option yes yes yes just 3
Full color light yes yes yes no
Shake sensor on/off yes yes yes no
Battery power 4000 mAh 8000 mAh 13600 mAh 1500 mAh
Touch sensors yes yes yes no
Material Finish ABS ABS, Aluminium, Zebrano wood Bamboo Polypropyleen
Price $ 49,95 $ 64,95 – $89,95 – $ 89,95 $ 145 $ 64,95