Lucis Lighting Wireless Lamp new Products 2017

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lucis portable light bamboo the most powerful wireless mood light in the world

Portable Lamps like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis Premium anywhere and set the mood with 8 to 80 Hours of continuous lighting. Lucis Lite ™ will go 4 to 40 hours and Lucis Bamboo ™ the most powerful lamp with 450 Lumen will go 8 to a 100 hours with one charge! Lucis is ideal for in & outdoors easy to clean and splash proof. Connect Lucis with the standard 1/4 tripod connector to the handmade wooden stands or any other tripod, mount that is available on the market!

lucis portable lamp party

A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis anywhere and set the mood with many Hours of Full color continuous lighting.”

What’s new? We have two unique new models the Lucis Lite™ and more powerful Lucis Bamboo™ with handle. We introduce a new full color light program (circles through all colors) next to that Lucis Lite™ is affordable and has a matt finish with a special water repellent coating. The most powerful Lucis until now is Lucis Bamboo™, with 450 lumen (50watt lamp) this is the strongest and most powerful portable moodlight on the market!

Lucis Wireless lamp new products 2017