Transform the ambiance in your bathroom in a matter of seconds

Play with every color of the rainbow

Set the colors of Lucis lamps with the simple touch sensors to create the right atmosphere for your bathroom. You can also use the custom lighting programs to let Lucis set the ambiance for you.

Practical & stylish

Packed with an enormous battery capacity Lucis 3.0 will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting. Lucis also has a special splash proof coating which makes it perfectly suitable for any bathroom.


Lucis has a variety of features that help transfer light and power in any enviroment, with is high lumen count it will light up any setting. Many of the lamps also feature a powerbank and wireless charging functions which make it ideal for a relaxed evening in the bathtub.


Due to the special coating and a protective lid you do not have to worry about placing Lucis in humid conditions, so set the mood in your bathroom without worries.



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