Camping & Travelling

Your ideal in & Outdoor travel companion

Portable lighting & Power to share anywhere

The new Lucis lamp series has a high level of adaptability, the lamps are ready for every situation. With one quick charge the lamps light up to 88 hours and are able to charge your devices!


Powerfull Rechargable & Portable

The lamps are easy to take with you and don't take much room to pack. The lamps are sturdy and designed for usage both in & outside, this combined with the splash proof coating makes the lamp the ideal travel companion.

Portable Power

The lamps are light and still pack a great battery that can charge your phone up to 3 times through the wired powerbank and wireless charging functions.


one charge, 88 hours of light, 16 million colors

One charge, depending on the model grants the user up to 88 hours of light in one of the 16 million available colors or through one of the lighting programs.



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