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Create the perfect mood with Lucis Wireless Lighting

The perfect lamp for your living room

The new series of Lucis lamps are designed to create the coziest atmosphere in any living room, play with the different lighting programs and enjoy the stylish designs in every corner of your living room.

Set the mood anywhere.

The lamps are light and have a powerful battery, so you can charge your phone, read a book or simply relax with Lucis by your side.

Adapts to any setting

Every Lucis wireless lamp is equipped with a 1/4" tripod connector on the bottom of the lamp. The standard 1/4" tripod connector can be used for every Lucis accessory ever made. Transform the lamp into a stylish hanging table lamp or use one of the bamboo stands to create a nice classic ambiance.

Splash proof with sustainable materials

All Lucis lamps feature a splash proof coating making them very suitable for usage in the kitchen and easy to clean.



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