Lucis for Hospitality

Ideal table lamp to let your customers set the mood & charge their phones at their table or room

Portable lighting & Power to share anywhere

The new Lucis lamp series has a high level of adaptability, everything can be altered to your wishes. Whether it’s the color, material or furnish, the Lucis 3.0 series can be uniquely adjusted to your preferred aesthetics. We can even apply your venue's logo on the lamp for total singularity.


Let your customers set the mood & charge their phone anywhere

Its not only about the looks, we can also change varieties of hardware like wireless charging & powerbank options, and as cherry on the cake we can create completely supplementary accessories to give your customers the best lighting experience.

Splash Proof coating making it usable in & outdoors

The special splash proof coating makes the lamps suitable for usage both inside and outside.


Easy to recharge and bring the mood to any hotel room

The lamps can be charged quickly and easily and can set the mood in every hotel room. Depending on the model the lamps have multiple lighting modes which cycle through 16 million colors.



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