Special Offer. 2 Lucis Wireless Lighting 3.0 Simple Power


The Lucis Simple is a portable mood lamp that can be used anywhere, with its 2 color settings you can set the mood anywhere. One quick charge will give you up to 88 hours of continuous lighting, and with its powerbank and wireless charging functions Lucis is the ultimate wireless light for any setting. Light up your life, with Lucis.



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Special Offer. The Power Set – 2 x Lucis 3.0 Simple Power 

Buy 2 lamps at a special price.

The all new Lucis 3.0 Simple Power is equipped with strong RBG LEDS that have a maximum output of 180 Lumen (20Watt). Packed with a great battery capacity, the Simple Power will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting for one quick charge! With two colors (yellow and orange) you can set the mood anywhere. The Simple Power also features a power bank and wireless charging settings making it easy to charge your devices giving you the ultimate mood setter. The Simple Power dims and brightens by touch and can be used in every situation, for a nice family dinner or a trip to the beach. Every lamp comes with a special rope accessory and base one stand so you can use it as a multifunctional light. No other Wireless mood lamp on the market is so powerful & versatile as Lucis, so light up your life; with Lucis.


Extra informatie

Gewicht800 g
Afmetingen90 × 90 × 172 mm

Olive Green (matt finish)
Dimmable 180 lumen
Yellow & Orange color
11-80 hours lighting
Beam angle 360 degrees
Splash proof
1/4" tripod connector
8000 MAH battery
Touch sensors
Micro USB charger
Wireless powerbank
USB powerbank
5V/3A adapter



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